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Day 5 from New York to Washington DC

This morning from New York (in the rain of course) some photos of the apartment anyway before going to prove that it was like on the brochure.

So last train towards the bus station north of New York (between Central Park and Times Square, but in the basement …)

To make our famous Greyhound bus on Interstate 4 hours between NY and Washington DC …

Arrive at 14:30 and the direction the car rental agency to pick up our Kia “Rio” and his famous automatic gearbox and that’s when I noticed that the final I have no idea Meaning of letters on the box …
To summarize research on the internet after we have P for parking (handbrake) then we have to reverse the R (reverse) and then a neutral N (the dead!)
And we arrive at the speed: D for drive, roughly the speed that you snap and you do not touch anything …
2 to change a report that can start on snow or ice …
L city driving in traffic (Slow)

Fortunately the roads are at least 3 votes of each side of the road or I think I cried before going through the 6 miles that separated us from the hotel … all under the laughter that Anais has the pleasure of testing this gearbox by the end of the stay!

So the time was not with us tonight, we decided to move to the hotel and rest a bit before visiting Washington from top to bottom until Sunday …
So tonight it’s quiet evening watching TV.


  1. seb seb

    bonne continuation.
    très bonne marque de voiture. c’est les meilleurs.
    a plus

  2. salut anais , ah! Washington et le cimetiere d’Arlington trop bien a voir …. ! bonne suite chez l’oncle sam !!! bises a +

  3. Tu aurais du me le dire, j’ai une boite auto.. ça t’aurait entrainé 😀

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