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Day 21 Los Angeles

Today Californian’s wake up , finished the climate of the desert … finished the 35° … up to the mist and 20° … “ah bravo” California!
So direction City of Angels (Los Angeles) or almost … because direction Ontario (still in California and not Canada) town of San Bernardino County a few miles from Los Angeles … And incidentally enormous merchant city with a mall of outlet stores, no equivalence in the description simply huge shopping mall, almost a city in itself.

After doing some shopping and test a chain of Chinese fast food
Hit the road again to “la puente” a district of LA to see the “donut Hole”. Vestige of the days when excess force was in the U.S., a boutique-like giant donut’s to sell donut’s nothing better … So now completely kitsch must-see for us …

Follow with Union Station and Olvera Street in Downtown. Train station in Los Angeles simply beautiful with its leather chairs to wait for the train and the pedestrian street in the Mexican neighborhood along the train station, we almost buy lucha libre masks on site but finally we said that ‘”he customs” would not laugh with that … Anais had found a Hello Kitty mask …

After that we discover the joys of the road in Los Angeles … Clogged freeways from coast to coast. After a long time spent in the car we finally arrived at Super 8 in Venice Beach. The weather has cooled our heartily, for tonight we’ll just go shopping and spend a warm evening in front of the TV to catch up by publishing photos of the last two days …

The testing while still a Haagen Dazs chocolate and peanut butter (unknown to us?)

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