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Day 3 Liberty Statue, Wall Street, Madison Square Garden, Greenwich Village

And another day of rain on New York announced … This does not preclude a small 22 ° all day and we visiting the Statue of Liberty

Direction, therefore in lower Manhattan, the ferry management and surprise, no visit to the “crown” that day, too many tickets sold (official apology at 10am in the morning … the weather is not playing in our favor)

Not upset so far we find ourselves to face the rough sea (with waves of nearly 10 meters high! (Oh it’s too good and it is not credible?)) After an initial body search and we’ll the right to go around the Pedestal (after the second body search in case you would have made something on the terrorist boat-based hot dog and gadgets memories …)

The tour continues to Ellis Island, the Island Immigration Museum where you could apply for green card.

After returning to Earth, we decided to go to the famous Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, to enjoy the best burger in the city, watch out for sensitive stomachs, the photo accompanying risk of scaring you forever! The principle is simple, you order a side of the restaurant, we furnish a remote that beeps when it’s ready and waiting you can sit at the table and start discussing with the mafia squirrels who just moved to table with us to share french fries.

After lunch we looked in vain for the Madison Square Garden to learn that he had no affiliation with the park where we are and you just walk up to the 7th Avenue through the 23rd for s to get there (yes I assure you after 3 days we become real pros in the understanding of this type of info!)

Once on site, we found quite disappointed to come across a huge building more or less work and we find no particular charm (we struggled to make a nice picture of the institution …)

Okay it retaliates with an Iced Latte macchiato at Starbucks on the corner looking what will be our next point of visit. And with the subway map under the eyes, we decide that this will be the “Magnolia Bakery”. While the name speaks only fans of the series “Sex and the City” because it is the factory Cup Cake the world’s most famous …
And reputation of the institution is not misused, despite a creaminess that can push the taste is definitely to go!

We took the opportunity to stroll in Greenwich Village that bears his name, a real little village in the middle of New York, it’s almost surreal when you think back to the giant buildings surrounding the area.

Once visited the village, we take the metro towards Wall Street to watch the market close to see the traders go home.

We took the opportunity to visit the shop “Abercrombie and Fitch” to complete the wardrobe for the perfect New Yorker, so it will be Hoodies, Jeans and T-shirts for me and nothing to Anais! Not that it is not burnt out on everything that was pink in the mag but it has retained its own as great.

We took advantage of the proximity to get to the Pier 17, a dock that offers superb views of the Brooklyn Bridge for a little photo shoot at night, before going after another day of work sporty enough!

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